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Why does my hold request show a shelving location of Acquisitions despite us not having that configured?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation

For special hold requests submitted from WorldCat Discovery, WorldShare Circulation will put a placeholder on the pull list.
The branch where that placeholder will appear depends on what/if the library has selected as their default branch in Service Configuration > WMS Circulation > Holds and Schedules > Settings > Default Holding Location & Default Shelving Location. 

Placeholder items for special requests will appear on the pull list of every branch. The shelving location on the pull list won’t be meaningful; it’s set to display the first shelving location in alphabetical order.

If the library configures a default location, then placeholder items will always appear on the pull list for that location and only that location.
It’s up to each library to decide which workflow is preferred: Ask one or all branches to check for items to fulfill special requests.

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