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Why am I seeing "OCLC has detected that your institution’s encryption has changed" when I log into WorldShare?

  • You receive the error OCLC has detected that your institution's encryption certificate has changed. Contact your institution representative for further assistance. 
Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services sites using LDAP as the authentication method. 

The SSL Certificate on your institution's LDAP server has updated or changed and no longer matches the SSL Certificate that we have installed in your instance.   If a change is made it is important that you let OCLC Support know as far in advance as possible to allow any change to be installed.  This is not an immediate resolution.

  1. Contact your internal IT staff to verify that the current SSL Certificate for your LDAP authentication server is valid. 
  2. If the SSL Certificate for your LDAP authentication is valid contact OCLC Support.
  3. Please be prepared to send OCLC Support a copy of the current SSL Certificate for your LDAP authentication server. We will verify it matches the SSL Certificate we have installed for your institution.
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