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What is the impact if we change from linking or unlinking patron usernames and barcodes?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • WorldShare Admin

There's a setting in Service Configuration called Username/Barcode Behaviour which has two possible settings:

  • Barcode and username are linked: the barcode value is copied to the username during patron account creation, and cannot be edited separately
  • Username is not linked to barcode: the username value needs to be entered separately

This setting is set per OCLC Symbol. 

It can only be changed by OCLC staff - contact OCLC Support if you would like this setting changed.

Changing from linked to unlinked

  • Existing patrons will still have the same value for their barcode and username, but you will be able to edit them independently
  • If you create a new patron in Circulation or Admin, you will need to enter a value for both the barcode and the username. These can be the same value
  • If you change the barcode of an existing patron, you will need to manually copy the change to the username if you want them to stay the same
  • In your Patron Load File, you should include a value for both the barcode and the username (columns 11 and 42). This can be the same value, or two different ones

Changing back from unlinked to linked

  • All usernames will be replaced with the patron's barcode. The old user names will be lost
  • If you create a new patron in Circulation or Admin, the barcode will automatically be copied to the username. You will not be able to change it
  • For existing patrons: the username will be overwritten with the barcode. You will not be able to edit the username for any patrons even if they were different at the time the patron was created
  • Any changes to a patron's barcode will be copied over to the username field
  • In your Patron Load file, you can leave the username field (column 42) blank. WMS will automatically copy the barcode into this field during the patron load


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