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Is it possible to set up a SIP2 connection for Hoopla?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation

Yes, it is possible to set up a SIP2 connection for Hoopla, which authenticates using the patron’s barcode number. This configuration is similar to other SIP2 connections. Please see the SIP2 Configuration documentation for more information.

Hoopla may have sent you the same IP address to use as another WMS library, when this happens you MUST set up a unique username and password for your connection here: Service Configuration > WMS Circulation > Integrations  > SIP 2 Addresses > [Hoopla IP address given]. > Username & Password.

Once you have set up your IP Address in Service Configuration, with a username and password you MUST pass this information onto Hoopla, to ensure they have the same on their end and that they consistently provide the CN & CO fields in its Log In (93) messages to WMS.

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