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I have set open hours for our library to close at 6pm, but our due dates are still showing as 11:59pm on the following day rather than 6pm.

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation 

Verify that the Loan Policy defining the check out event has a Loan Period that is measured in hours and minutes and not in days. The Loan Policy has a section for Pre-closing due date adjustment policy. This setting is used to make items due at or before the library's closing hours. However, it is only applicable if the loan period is measured in hours or minutes. 

  1. Sign into OCLC Service Configuration
  2. Navigate to WMS Circulation > Loans > Loan Policy
  3. Select the loan policy that defined the circulation event
  4. Look under Loan to verify that the Loan Period uses hours and minutes
  5. Also under Loan verify that Pre-closing due date adjustment policy is set at or before closing 
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click Save
Additional information

Please see additional information on the topic: Create or edit loan policies.

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