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How do fixed due dates affect our loan policies?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • Service Configuration  

When setting up loan policies in Service Configuration, there is an option to set a fixed due date in each policy. This can be added or set in at any time, or left blank. This setting is particularly useful to schools or institutions where an end of year or end of semester break may occur, where items on loan need to be returned by a set date regardless of when it was issued.

  • Fixed due dates are set dates items are due at your institution. For example, the last date of the semester
  • Fixed due dates have to be maintained on each loan policy
  • You can enter multiple fixed due dates
  • When a fixed due date is set, it does not change retrospectively, the due dates of items already on loan
  • If a fixed due date has passed, it will no longer apply and can be removed
  • New fixed due dates need to be added for each loan policy, once the previous one has expired
  • Fixed due dates are applied to a  loan policy not a patron type. For example, if you want a fixed due date for year 11 and year 12 only, you would need to set up a loan policy just for those patron types and set the fixed due date within that policy
  • As the check out date gets closer to the fixed due date, the loan period will shorten to reflect the fixed due date
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