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How can I get a record into WMS for the laptops my library wants to circulate?

  • Your library has bought laptops and you need to know how to add an item record in for them so they can circulate. 
Applies to
  • WMS Circulation
  • Record Manager

Each library handles their laptops a little differently. Some libraries create MARC records in WorldCat to match their laptop type and just add an item record to it for each laptop they need to check out. To search for those records, you might want to use something like "ti:dell AND x0: Object". Obviously, you'd switch out the "Dell" part with your make/model of computer. Once you find your make/model in WorldCat, grab the OCN, search for it in WMS Circulation and add your items to it.

There are other libraries that just add a temporary item record for each item and circulate them that way.  

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