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For Digby "Remove All Items", When it says: “ inventoried items cannot be retrieved once removed from this list” What list is it referencing?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation 
  • Digby

Digby inventoried items have nothing to do with the external report that runs on Sundays.  All this dialog is saying is that once you export the list and then clear it, those records will no longer be on the device (phone). 

To share the list, tap the "Share" icon on the toolbar.  This will allow you to export the inventoried report (as an Excel spreadsheet) and send it to and email address, text it, airdrop it, etc.

Additional information

Clearing the Digby list won’t impact the live Circulation system.

Two things happen when an item is inventoried in Digby:

1.Digby updates WorldShare Circulation: Last-inventoried date & counts are immediately updated in the live system.

Circulation provides updated inventory data to WorldShare Reports & Report Designer every night. WorldShare Reports generates the FTP inventory report each week.

2.Digby adds the scanned item to a list on your device:

This includes a record of items scanned on the device, even unknown or invalid barcodes. Sharing this list allows libraries to track progress without paper logs or waiting for the FTP report. This list is limited to 1,000 items at any given time.

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