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Patron history

Learn about patron history, which includes Transaction History and Notification History.


Includes Transaction History and Notification History, if you have chosen to store this information. These settings are optional and must be activated in OCLC Service Configuration (WorldShare Circulation > Admin/General > History). If you choose not to store this information, the History tab does not appear. For more information on storing history, see History.

For information on available reports, see Circulation reports.  

 Note: For information regarding which Circulation roles allow staff to see transaction and notification history, see Circulation roles.  

Modernized interface: Patron Notifications

 Note: These improvements are available exclusively in the modernized staff interface. Enable the Preview Features option to see these changes. 


Find all notifications related to a specific patron and view all of the items that were included in a specific notification. If your library already has notification history enabled, all of the existing history data will be visible in the modernized interface.

  • Review your notification history settings and retention period in OCLC Service Configuration > WMS Circulation > General/Admin > History > Notification History.

In the modernized interface, notification history has one row for each email notification that is sent to the patron. View the date and time that the email was queued or sent, the notification type, the email address where the message was sent, and the status of the email. Open the Details panel to see the list of items that were included in the notification.

Use the Item barcode search to find all of the notifications related to a specific item.

Filter the list of notifications by notification Type or by Status. Use the Show filters button to make or review your selected filter(s).