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Check in exceptions

Check in item not checked out

To the right of the Scan or type barcode box, a warning appears that the item was not checked out. The message includes item information (title, author, item type) and indicates that the item's status is Recently Returned. Go to step 6. For more information on statuses, see Check item status or location.

Fill hold request

Place item on hold shelf

If the item has a hold placed on it, Hold appears in the Action column. Attach a hold receipt identifying the requestor to the item (if your receipt printer is connected, the hold receipt will print automatically). Then place the item on the hold shelf.

Why does the item's Action say Reshelve?

When checking in an item on your pull list, its Action will be Reshelve if both these conditions are true:

  • Your library is one branch in a multi-branch library system, and
  • Another branch has already filled the hold request (or the hold was canceled)

If the Action is Reshelve, do not do the steps above. Instead, have the item reshelved.

Route item to pick-up location

If the pick-up location specified in the hold request differs from the check-in location, the Action column will say "Send To: [pick-up location]." Attach a routing slip to the item (if your receipt printer is connected, the routing slip will print automatically).

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