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Search and filter local resources

Discover how to search for and filter local resources in WorldShare Acquisitions.

View all local resources

  1. Navigate to Local Resources > Local Resources.
  2. Click Search. All local resources appear.
  3. Click the Local Resource Name to view or edit the local resource.

Search local resources

Use the search box to search local resources.

  1. From the drop-down list, select an index and enter the search term(s)
  2. Click Search.

Filter local resources

Local resources can be filtered using the filters at the top of the page.

  1. Click one of the filter names below.
  2. Select the values you want to apply. You can select one or more. When more than one value is selected, the system searches for any of the selected values.
  3. Click Apply. Once the filter is applied, you can hover over the filter name to view the selected values.
  4. (Optional) To remove the filter, click Reset.

Available local resource filters

filter description
Default Acquisition Type
Acquisition type Description
One-Time A local resource that is received in a single transaction.
Subscription A local resource that is received on a continual basis.
Status Description
Active The local resource is active and you can add it to an order or purchase request.
Inactive The local resource is inactive and you cannot add it to an order or purchase request.

An inactive local resource will display in a search only if no other local resources match your query. If selected, its status will change to Active.