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Place an order

Search for Order

Obtain the open order you want to place. For details see View and edit an order.

  1. On the left navigation, click Orders.
  2. Click Orders. All orders and plans appear.
    • Results are sorted alphabetically by name.
    • Use the Vendor, Order Type, Order status filters if required.
    • To change the sort order, click any column heading.
  3. Click the Order Name or Order # to view or edit the order or plan. For details, see View and edit an order.

(Placing orders cannot be done from a plan. Plans automatically have the status Placed.)

Place order

Open the order you want to place, complete any edits and click Save Order at the top of the screen:

  1. At the top of the screen click Place Order.
  2. In the Place Order window, follow local practice to determine whether you check the box to notify the vendor about this order.
    • Yes - Place order and notify the vendor
      1. Select the check box.
      2. Click Continue.
      3. Go to step 3.
    • No - Place order, but do not notify the vendor
      1. Do not check the box.
      2. Click Place Order.
  3. In the Notify Vendor about Order window, fill in the following fields:
    1. Method - The method you choose to notify the vendor of the order.
      1. E-Mail (EDIFACT): Send an EDIFACT order message via email. Before using this method, read Send your vendor EDIFACT order information via email for information on configuration.
      2. E-Mail (HTML): Send your order via email.
      3. Print: Print your order to send via mail.
    2. Reply to - The person at your library that the vendor can contact about your order. The default is the first person listed on the Contacts page in OCLC Service Configuration (WorldCat Registry > Contacts). You can set a default method and vendor contact by editing the Acquisitions Settings in the vendor record. For more information, see Acquisitions Settings.
    3. To - The person at the vendor who will receive your notification of an order.
  4. The method you choose determines the next step.
    1. Email (EDIFACT and HTML)
      1. (Optional) To preview the email, click Preview email before sending and click Continue.
      2. Click Place & Send Order.
    2. Print
      1. Click Continue.
      2. On the Print Preview, click Place & Print Order.

Watch a video

Review, edit and place an order (8:07)

This video shows how to find an open purchase order, review and edit fields on the order and place the order in WorldShare® Acquisitions.

  Reinforce your understanding with a practice exercise: Order Monographs

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