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Claim order items

Discover how to search, view, and claim missing order items in WorldShare Acquisitions.

Use the Missing Order Items screen to claim and cancel order items that are missing.

Claim items

If you have ordered an item, but have not yet received it from the vendor, you can claim the item in the system. When you claim an item in WorldShare Acquisitions, you have the option of notifying the vendor about the claim. Claiming an item increases the number of claims attached to that item and records the date last claimed, which allows you to track previously claimed items.

  1. On the left navigation, click Orders.
  2. Click Missing Order Items.
  3. On the Missing Order Items screen, find the items you want to claim. See Search and filter missing order items for details.
  4. Select the checkboxes next to the issues you want to claim. If you want to claim all items in the table, select the checkbox at the top of the table.
  5. At the top of the screen, click Claim.
  6. If you want to notify the vendor about the claim, go to the next step. If you do not want to notify the vendor about the claim, click Claim Items and go to step 11.
  7. Select the Notify vendor about this claim checkbox.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. In the Notify Vendor about Order window, fill in the following fields:
    1. Method - The method you choose to notify the vendor of the order.
      1. FTP (EDIFACT): Send an EDIFACT order message via FTP. 
      2. E-Mail (EDIFACT): Send an EDIFACT order message via email. 
      3. E-Mail (HTML): Send your order via email.
      4. Print: Print your order to send via mail.
    2. FTP Profile - The FTP profile you'd like to use to send the message if you are sending by FTP (EDIFACT).
    3. To - The person at the vendor who will receive your notification of an order, if you are sending by Print or E-Mail (EDIFACT or HTML)
    4. Reply to - The person at your library that the vendor can contact about your order if you are sending by Print or E-Mail (HTML).
      • The default is the first person listed on the Contacts page in OCLC Service Configuration (WorldCat Registry > Contacts).
      • You can set a recurring contact for when vendors reply to an order in the Institution Settings for your system. For more information, see Create a recurring reply-to contact.
      • You can set a default method and vendor contact by editing the Acquisitions Settings in the vendor record. For more information, see Acquisitions Settings.
  10. The method you choose determines the next step.
    1. Email (EDIFACT and HTML) and FTP (EDIFACT)
      1. (Optional) To preview the message, select Preview message before sending and then click Continue.
      2. Click Send Order.
    2. Print
      1. Click Continue.
      2. From the Print Preview dialog, click Print Order.
  11. A confirmation message appears and the items have been claimed in the system.