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Stop word management

Learn about the stop list of terms in OLIB and how to modify it.

►System Administration> Stop Word Management.

The OPAC Stop List can be tailored to your implementation.


The Stop List consists of a list of terms which are made redundant during Title searching in OLIB and the OPAC, for example

the, in, of, a

In the case of

The History of gardens in Britain

the terms ‘the’, ‘of’, ‘in’ are removed.

All words, with one exception, in the Stop List are set as Keyword Stop = Yes.

'A' is set as Keyword Stop = No to facilitate keyword searching on authors initials (e.g. A.A.Milne).

Punctuation can also be included in the stop words, for example L' is included in the list. Words including punctuation can also be set to have non-filing values.

 Note: if you make any changes to the settings, you will need to rebuild the keyword indexes.

In addition the stop list ensures that such unhelpful terms are not included as part of the word indexing process. After some consideration, edit the Stop list if some terms should be added or removed.

  1. Go to System Administration> Stop Word Management.
  2. Do a wildcard % search to display all existing stop words.
  3. If you need to add a new term click New Record.
  4. If you need to remove a term select it in the hit list and click the Delete button. OLIB will prompt for confirmation.
  5. Changes take effect after the word indexing has run.


The terms in the Stop Word List are also used to identify words which will automatically default as non-filing characters. This is during cataloguing when they occur at the beginning of a Title. For this to operate, the specific terms that it applies to should have Non File Chars set to Yes.

  1. Go to System Administration> Stop Word Management.
  2. Click on the required term, e.g. The to display the details.
  3. Switch to modify and set Non File Chars to Yes.
Example non-filing values








When the cataloguer creates a Title record beginning with these terms, OLIB automatically populates a number in the Non File characters field so that the Title is sorted correctly. Any punctuation such as -

(, [ ]

is included in the count. For example:

[The Darling Buds of] May

will a generate a non-filing characters value of 5.