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Control data

Learn how to add control data to a title in OLIB.

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OLIB displays valuable information about the current catalogue record in this section of the Titles domain.

Control Numbers

Title Number is the auto generated number that OLIB inserts when you catalogue a new record. This is the internal record number for this Title in the OLIB database.

Import RCN is the Record Control Number from the imported MARC record, typically this is the value from the 001 tag; alternatively it can be the Record Number (RN tag) from an OLSTF imported record. This field can be used to match and update / replace during an import.

OCLC Record Number is the control number used when an OCLC MARC21 record is imported, this could be the same value as Import RCN above, - i.e. from the 001 tag. Alternatively it can be the number from an OLSTF import (OCLCNO tag).

If the incoming MARC record did not originate from an OCLC system, the number that is included in tag 035 $a will be imported into this field, providing it is prefixed with ‘(OCoLC)’ (including parentheses and in the specified case). This field can be used to match and update / replace during an import.

Control Nos: this field is available on the Bibliographic-Full Layout. It is a repeatable field and each number has the relevant Control No. Type (with MARC tag) assigned to it. The system manager would need to add Control Nos to the General layout also if desired.

One of the Control No. Types can be set as the default by the system manager, if required. Control No. Types are included in Authority Control and Reference Data.

View or edit non-filing characters

When a Title record is catalogued that begins with e.g. The Tempest, OLIB automatically enters a value in the Non-file Characters field. In this case it would be 4 (to include 3 characters and a space).

In addition you can use another field - Manual Non-file Characters - to prevent OLIB from setting the Non-file Characters automatically. For example if you DO want The Sun Online to be sorted under 'T'. Define the non-filing characters manually -

  1. Set Manual Non-file Characters to Yes.
  2. Set Non-file Characters to the appropriate value, e.g. 0.

Non-filing characters can be configured in System Administration> Stop Word Management.

 Note: if you subsequently update a Title, OLIB also updates Non-file Characters.

Catalogue workflow

OLIB displays values related to cataloguing workflow in Record Status, Allocated To, Accession Date.

Include in OPAC? whether this record should be visible in the OPAC. If set to No, the record is not included, if null or Yes, the record is included. This is a global, permanent flag, i.e. if it is set to No, it will be excluded from OPAC searches regardless of whether it is included in title sets, etc.

If you set to No for an existing record OLIB responds:

You have flagged this record to be excluded from OPAC searches (Include In OPAC = No).
If this was unintentional, please re-edit the record and change the Include In OPAC flag to Yes.

When set to No, the record is excluded from the OPAC immediately.

Multiple Title records: you can also process a group of records to set Include in OPAC = No.

  1. In the Titles menu option, search for the relevant records, or create a Folder of title records.
  2. In the hitlist check the boxes and select this action from the drop down list of Other Actions: Toggle Include in OPAC flag

Alternatively, you can add Titles to the Exclude list in the Default Title Set used for All Users and Anonymous Users (Data Exchange> Title Sets). For an existing record, changes do not take effect until you manually refresh the Title Set, or you wait for the refresh to be carried out by Daystart.

Acquisitions information

Order Item No  Order Ref. Date Ordered Supplier     Supplier Status  No ordered  Item Price Total cost  Order Location
20  14 25-NOV-2018 Holt Jackson Outstanding 1 10.00 10.00  

If you use OLIB's Acquisitions, click the link in the Order Item No field to view the full order item details.

Click the Titles Record link in the breadcrumbs, to return to the title record:

Title Search (3) > Titles Record > Order Items Record

Circulation information

OLIB displays any Reservations for this Title and any Trap messages.