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Serials set up procedure

Discover how to set up Serials management in OLIB.

The following tasks are required to implement Serials management, though not necessarily in this exact order.

  1. Check over and create any new Frequencies that are required.
  2. Check over and create any new Citation Patterns that are required.
  3. Verify if the default Issue Copy Status is as you require.
  4. If you have non-English language journals you may want to substitute other language text for the elements of issue titles, e.g. months of the year.
  5. Catalogue or import? the Serial titles required.
  6. If you do not use OLIB for subscriptions you should manually create Serial Copy records for each Location that will physically receive issues.
  7. Create the Circulation lists and any Table of Contents Lists that will be required.
  8. Issues generation can then be started, so that expected issues can be checked in.