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Issues generation procedure

Discover how to generate serial issues as expected issues in OLIB.


Before serial issues can be checked in, they must first be generated as expected issues. When you wish to start checking in issues of a journal, you will need to generate a series of issues for that title for a specific period, e.g. a calendar year. Issues can then be checked in simply by confirming that you have received the expected number of copies of an issue. OLIB can also be configured so that it automatically generates the next series of issues for the subsequent periods towards (or possibly after) the end of the current period.

Generate expected issues

  1. Navigate to Titles and create or search for the Serial/Journal title.
  2. In the Management page select the correct Frequency and Citation pattern.
  3. Edit the default generation settings and Pre-generate the issue records. Correct them as necessary and repeat.
  4. Create or edit Serial Copy records.
  5. Generate the actual issue records for future Check in.