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Learn about file attachments and web page links in OLIB.

A number of domains in OLIB Web, e.g. Titles allow you to add an electronic file or url to the details of a record. For example a document may be catalogued in OLIB and an electronic copy of the document itself can be linked and even stored in the database.

  • Data imports use this feature, by allowing you to link the import file as the attachment
  • OLIB Reports use this feature to deliver the report output as an attached file to an email

Attachmentsicon_attachment.gif When the full details of a record are displayed click this link to open and view the files linked to this record. Choose the Add Attachment link to add a new file attachment. Alternatively, in modify mode in the Attached Objects section, click New.

To add an attachment

  1. On the new Object record screen, select the file Type, Version, Title and Status. (Optionally you can enter a number (0-9) for the Code. This can be used to configure how the link to the object appears in the OPAC.
  2. Choose Locate By Filename to add a file and choose Textual for a web site address.
  3. Set In Database to Yes if you would prefer to include the object into the OLIB database. Set Import Now to Yes to immediately import the file (Null or No does not immediately import the file).
  4. Click the File check box (and the Thumbnail check box if needed to display in the OPAC) and Save and Close.
  5. Browse to the files for adding and select them.
  6. Save and Close. The item appears in the Object field. Save the details.