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OPAC reservations

Learn how to process reservations placed by users in the OPAC.

►Circulation> Reservations

The System Manager can configure the OPAC parameter files, to allow users to place reservations via the OPAC.

When Users enter a reservation in the OPAC, OLIB automatically saves them as unconfirmed reservations. Members of staff who manage the reservations system will need to be alerted if any user reservations have been placed via the OPAC. These reservations usually require confirmation.

 Note: OLIB can be configured by the System Manager to send alerts via email to notify Reservations Received · Reservations Cancelled · Reservations Confirmed · Reservations Held · Reservations Soon to be Expired · Reservations To Cancel.

Library staff to confirm reservations

  1. Go to Circulation> Reservations and enter a wildcard % in the search but also set a refinement.

 Tip: it might be useful to set up one of these saved searches:

  • on Status=Unconfirmed
  • or on Confirmed = No
  1. OLIB displays unconfirmed Reservations in the domain hitlist. Unconfirmed reservations must be confirmed by a member of staff before they are activated.
  2. In the hitlist, select the reservations you wish to confirm and choose Confirm this reservation from the available Actions. The hitlist is automatically refreshed to change the reservation status to Activated.
  3. If there is a problem with the confirmation, e.g. because the user has exceeded the maximum number of reservations, a warning message is displayed for you to confirm whether you wish to continue with confirming the reservation or not. If you want to continue, be sure to click No. (Click Yes only if you want to abort).

 Note: you can select multiple reservations records and use the Confirm reservation(s) Action.
You can also set permissions on the Confirm reservation action in Admin Client Configuration>Methods. In this way you can restrict confirmation of reservations to a group of staff members.