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Prioritise reservations

Learn how to change the reservation queue in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk
►Circulation> Reservations

Library staff can alter the default priority level, set at 5, to enable a User to move up the reservation queue due to unforeseen circumstances,

  1. In the Reservations domain search for the reservation record, e.g. by User barcode
  2. Click modify record.
  3. Set the Priority field to e.g.1. to move the User to the top of the 'waiting list'.

When the reserved item is returned, the warning alerts the issue desk staff that the item is to be held in the normal manner.

 Note: you can sort reservations in order of priority. Below the search box click Add More to display the sorting options and select Priority.

For example if the sort order is Ascending, it results in the above priority 1 reservation now being at the top of the list.

Exclude individual copies from reservations

It is also possible to flag a specific copy that reservations are not allowed - this will exclude this copy from any reservation options. The Reservations Allowed field on the Copies layout enables this function.