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Hold a reservation

Learn how to place a manual hold for a reserved item in OLIB.

►Circulation> Reservations
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The usual process for OLIB reservations involves a reserved item being caught and 'held' at the Circulation desk, typically when it is returned.

It is also possible to 'manually' hold a reserved item without it passing through the issue desk. This is useful, for example, when a reservation is for an item that is actually 'available'. When the library receives notification that the reservation for an available item has been placed, a member of staff can take the item off the shelf and 'hold' it. If configured this will initiate a Reservation Held notification to the User to instruct them to come and collect the item.

If you use Reservation Received notices and rotas, you may wish to manually Hold a copy to fulfil the reservation - this will release all the other copies from this reservation.

Hold a reserved item

  1. Go to Circulation> Reservations.
  2. Search for the reserved item and display full details.
  3. In the Reserved Copies list, check the box to select the relevant copy. In the Actions drop down select Hold this copy. OLIB responds with a message indicating which Copy has been held.
  4. The status of the item and the reservation is changed to Held and the reservations on any other copies are removed. If configured on your system, a Reservation Held notification will be sent accordingly.

When the item is issued to the User, a Collect transaction is recorded at the issue desk.

Hold a specific copy at the issue desk

  1. Go to the Circ.Desk screen.
  2. Set Trans. Tp. to Hold.
  3. Enter the User/patron barcode in the User field.
  4. Enter the barcode of the item to be held in the Copy field.
  5. The details are listed in the Transactions box.

OLIB records a Hold transaction and updates the copy and reservation statuses.