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Return and collect reserved items

Learn how to return and collect reserved items from the Circ. Desk in OLIB.

At the Circ. Desk

When a reserved item is returned at the Circ. Desk OLIB displays the following message:

Copy has been held for [User name - Barcode - Location]

  1. Click OK to acknowledge this message. The copy will be returned and placed on hold for the user who has reserved it.
  2. When that user next passes through the Issues/Returns/Renewals system, OLIB notifies the library staff that an item is ready for collection with this message:

This user has one or more items waiting for collection

  1. Issue the item to the user who placed the reservation.

Reservation alert notices

OLIB can be configured to send a Reservation Held alert notice automatically via email to notify a user and/or members of the library that a Reservation is held for a user: Reservations alerts.

The notice can be configured to display the date the reservation was held. If a Hold Period has been set on the Location record, the date the item will be held to will also be displayed. If a Collection Location was specified when the reservation was placed, this will also be shown on the notice.

There is also some configuration to tie in with In transit issues.

Print a collection notice

If required, you can output a printed notification letter to post to the user for whom the item has been held.

  1. Go to the reservations domain and search for the Held reservation.
  2. Click on Print and select the print layout Reservation Collection Notice:

User name

Address Line 1,
Address Line 2,
Address Line 3,

Reservation Collection Notice
The reserved item, listed below, is now available for collection
It will be held for 7 days from the date shown.
Please collect as soon as possible or let the Library staff know that the item is no longer required.

Thank you

Title | Location | Date Held From