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Renew all

Learn how to quickly renew all the items a user has on loan in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk

You can renew ALL items on loan to a user from the Circ. Desk screen.

  1. Enter the User barcode. The loan details are displayed.
  2. Click on the button Renew All or Renew All (Unseen).
  3. OLIB displays a message alerting you that the items have been renewed successfully and displays the new return date in the Loan Items box.

OLIB also alerts you if there are any 'problem items' that cannot be renewed, e.g. if the item has been reserved or if the Max Debt for Renewals has been reached. These will be listed in the Problem Renewals section, where you can view the current status of the item and the renewal problem information.

You can still renew items in the Problem Renewals section. Select them and choose to renew the selected items or renew all items - either as seen / unseen renewals.

Renew All items with a Manual Return Date

  1. To renew all items with a manual return date, change the Return Date/Time field from Auto to Manual.
  2. Click on the calendar icon to the right of date field to choose an alternative return date.  
  3. Click on Renew All or Renew All (Unseen).

The new manual return date is displayed for the items on loan.

 Note: the asterisk in the Ren. column indicates that the item can only be renewed once more. You should advise the user that this is the last time he/she can renew the item.