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Learn how to perform a straightforward renewal transaction in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk

Renewals within OLIB are simply treated as re-issues, with items retaining the previous loan conditions.

As with returns, items can be renewed with or without a User’s barcode.

  1. In the Circ. Desk screen, select Renewal from the Transaction Type box.
  2. Scan or key in the item barcode in the Copy field. The renewal transaction details, including the new due date, are displayed in the Transactions box. The User Details also display.
  3. Scan or key the next copy barcode to renew any further items.
  4. When all items have been renewed, click Clear ready for the next transaction. The Transaction Type resets to Auto.

Renew from Loan Items list

In the Circ. Desk screen, items in the Loans Items box can be selected and renewed:

  1. Enter / scan the user barcode to display user details.
  2. In the Loan Items box select the relevant items to be renewed.
  3. Choose to renew the selected items or renew all items either as seen or unseen renewals.
  4. Choose the renewal options with check to check the renewal status of an item. E.g, Renew all (unseen - with check), Renew selected (with check), etc.
  5.  Caution: if you choose the renewal options without the check, e.g. Renew All, Renew selected, etc.. items will be renewed even if there are any reservations, traps or fines on the items or if the user has already exceeded the maximum renewal limit.

The system manager can remove renew all and renew selected items options from the Loans Box if preferred, using Method Permissions.