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Unseen renewals

Learn how to perform an Unseen Renewal transaction in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk

If it is the Library’s policy to keep track of 'Unseen Renewals' and limit the number of times an item is renewed without it being physically presented at the circulation desk, the Max Unseen Renewal parameter can be set. The System Administrator can set this in Loan Terms, User Category or at the individual User level.

  1. In the Circ. Desk screen, select the Transaction Type of Unseen Renewal. You can renew unseen items with or without a User’s barcode.
  2. Enter the copy barcode to be renewed.
  3. If the user’s unseen renew count is the same or more than the Max Unseen Renew setting at User, Loan Terms or User Category level a message is displayed.
  4. Click Yes to override the message and renew the item.
  5. If the User Category or User is banned from unseen renewals a message is displayed. Click Yes to override the message and renew the item.

When an item is renewed as a 'seen' renewal or when it is returned, the Unseen Renewal count is re-set to 0.