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Learn how to add classmarks to a title in OLIB.

►Searches > Titles
►Cataloguing > Classes

OLIB enables items to be classified using any scheme and any number of added classmarks. Each classmark belongs to a specific classification scheme, such as UDC or Dewey. Classification schemes are defined as reference data, and are set up in the Class Schemes domain.

Classmarks are authority control records, each value only being stored once on the database and linked to all the titles using that classmark within that scheme. For authority control of class numbers, there is a Controls page where the status of a new heading is defaulted to "To be checked".

Subject headings may be linked to classmarks. Your system can be configured to automatically link these subjects to the catalogue record when entering the classmark. (The Link Subjects field in Admin Client Defaults).

  • Classmarks are generally used for classifying a title in OLIB
  • Shelfmarks are used for locating copies, as the exact filing sequence of the physical copy, can be recorded

Add a classmark to the title

  1. Go to Titles> Searches.
  2. In modify mode, in the Classes section, click Search.
  3. In the Classmark layout, search for the class number to be used.
  • If found, check the box to select and Insert, or Insert and Continue to search and add more classes. On the final insert, OLIB returns you to the Titles layout, and displays the attached classes.
  • If not found click New Record in context to create the new classmark with the correct class scheme. The Class Scheme defaults to a system defined value. Save and Close to return the new subject to the working title.
  1. Click Save to include with the current working Title.

It is possible (although not common practice) to link multiple class numbers to titles. The first (primary) classmark will normally be used to generate the copy shelfmark.

Update classmarks of multiple Titles

Using the Classes domain, you can update the classmark of several Title records at once. For example you may want to update all the Titles of a particular classmark to a different classmark.

To do this you use the Remove Other Classmarks For field:

  1. Go to Cataloguing>  Classes and display the details of the new classmark.
  2. In modify mode, use Search in Remove Other Classmarks For.
  3. Use the secondary search to retrieve the Title(s) for classmark update.
  4. Tick the boxes to select these and Insert them into Remove Other Classmarks For.
  5. When all the Titles for classmark update are listed, tick e.g. the first Title in the list.
  6. In Actions select Remove other classmarks. This replaces the original classmark for all these titles with the current classmark.

If you choose Reset Shelfmarks; remove other classes – this process removes the original classmark and also updates the shelfmark to match it.