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Series details

Learn how to add series details to a title in OLIB.

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In the OLIB database, several bibliographic Title records can be linked to a single Series Title. For example:

Learning to Teach in the Primary School Series

Teaching English Creatively
Learning to Teach in the Primary School
Teaching Physical Education Creatively
Teaching Mathematics Creatively
Teaching History Creatively

When a title is in a series it is common for the series to be numbered – a title/series link screen exists to allow this to be entered. If an item belongs to a series, full bibliographic details of the series can be stored in the catalogue as well as bibliographic details of the items in that series.

When you create a new Series title, you will see many fields are available in the Main tab. However, you may choose to record only the series title: the Titles tab displays the list of Titles belonging to the series.

Add a series title

  1. With the relevant Title record in modify mode, in Series click Search to find the relevant series title. Note that searches are limited to Series Titles only.
  2. If the required series title is found click Insert - OLIB displays it in the Title-Series relationship page. Enter series numbering details if needed.
  3. If the required series title is not found click New Record to enter a new Series title. In the Series page complete details as required - this might only be Series title but do not mark the Series as an Added Entry? =Yes. Save the record.
  4. Click Save and Close to return the Series title back to the working bibliographic Title record
  5. Save the details.

Edit the series numbering details

If you already have a Title record assigned to an existing Series, you may need to change the numbering details that record how this title fits within the series. This can be done from the Title record in the Titles domain, or the Series record in the Series domain.


  1. Go to Titles and switch the record to modify.
  2. Check the box next to the Series title and in Actions select Edit link record.
  3. The Title-Series Relationship page above opens already in modify and you can edit series numbering details
  4. Volume/Number is a text field where you can enter text or a number. Press [Tab] for OLIB to populate a numeric value in Vol./No.(Numeric).
  5. Save and Close, OLIB displays the updated details in the Title record. Continue to edit the Title and save the details.


Deriving a number from the free text that is entered or imported is carried out according to the following process:

  1. If there are numbers in the value entered, the first set of one or more consecutive digits are used, e.g.Vol./No.(Numeric)= 24.
  2. If there are no numbers, OLIB will look in descending order firstly for ordinal numbers in English (from one hundredth) and then cardinal numbers (from one hundred). If you have entered text for the number, OLIB converts e.g. Twenty-four to 24.
  3. If there remains no number to be derived, each word entered is examined as a possibly Roman numeral and converted if possible, e.g. viii will create Vol./No.(Numeric)= 8.

Series Uniform Title

In OLIB the Series Title may also be linked to a Series Uniform Title. In the example below the Series Uniform Title is:

Sport (International Union of Students. Physical Education and Sports Dept.)

Normally in a bibliographic record, a Series Uniform Title is only present if it is accompanied also by e.g. a Series Title entry, or a general note relating to the series. Here is an example provided by Library of Congress:

490     1#$aSport : bulletin of the Physical Education and Sports Department of the International Union of Students ;$vv. 10
830     #0$aSport (International Union of Students. Physical Education and Sports Dept.) ;$vv. 10.

(Note: you cannot link a Title record directly to a Series Uniform Title - if you attempt to do so OLIB prevents this, displaying an error message).

Create a Series Uniform Title in the Series domain. It is created in exactly the same way as a Series Title except that you should set the Added Entry? field to Yes:

Series domain: Main tab

Title: Sport (International Union of Students. Physical Education and Sports Dept.)

Added Entry: = Yes

Series domain: Titles tab

Uniform Title For: Sport : Bulletin of the Physical Education and Sports Department of the International Union of Students

Create a Series Uniform Title

  1. Go to Cataloguing> Series.
  2. Search to confirm that the Series Uniform Title does not already exist.
  3. Click New Record to create the new Series Uniform Title.
  4. Enter details as required; set Added Entry? to Yes. (This is how OLIB knows this is a Series Uniform Title as opposed to a Series Title).

Save the details.

 Note: alternatively, when adding a new series title, you can use the Uniform Title field to go on to create a linked Series Uniform Title.

Assign a Series Title to a Series Uniform Title

When creating a new Series Title, the record must be saved (with Save & Continue) before linking to a Uniform Series Title.

  1. Go to Cataloguing> Series.
  2. Search for or create the Series Title.
  3. Enter details as required and click Save & Continue.
  4. With the Series details saved, in Uniform Title click Search to obtain the Series Uniform Title. (OLIB will not include ordinary Series Titles in the search because they do not have Added Entry? = Yes).
  5. Insert back to the Series Title.

Save the details.