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Library defined verbal extension

Learn how to add a verbal extension to a shelfmark in OLIB.

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OLIB can provide a default verbal extension - the copy shelfmark is automatically populated with the title’s primary classmark and, optionally, the first three characters of the primary author’s surname ('Verbal Extension') when creating Copy and Availability Details. If the author is a corporate body or conference the first 3 letters of the author are still used.

Alternatively, in the title record a user defined verbal extension (cutter) can be defined which will take precedence over the default one.

For example McD and MacD by default will generate a cutter of MAC.

If a different cutter is preferred, this can be entered into the user defined verbal extension field and this will be used for all copies generated.

  1. For the user defined verbal extension field select the Bibliographic -Full layout from the Layouts link.
  2. Click the tab for the Control sheet.
  3. Enter the  user defined verbal extension in Verbest, e.g.

Verbext                McG

When OLIB generates the copy, the above is used for the verbal extension in the Copy Details: Shelfmark as below:

Shelfmark         L 40 McG

 Note: the system manager can add verbext to any titles layout as required using Layout Manager.