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config.txt stanza change is not applied

  • A stanza change has been made to config.txt, and EZproxy has been restarted with no errors in messages.txt
  • The change is not reflected in the behaviour of EZproxy
Applies to
  • All versions of EZproxy

1. Remove conflicting stanzas

Check if there are conflicting stanzas and comment them out or delete them.

When there are multiple stanzas for the same domain / host name, EZproxy may choose the one that has not been changed.

For example, if you adjusted a stanza for, check for other occurances of in your config.txt.


2. Clear the browser cache

The old, unproxied version of a resource (HTML, JavaScript) may still be in your browser cache.

Clear the cache, close and re-open the browser to make sure nothing is in the cache.

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