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View Audit Events page (/audit)

Learn how to access and interpret Audit Events in EZproxy.

You can also go directly to the View Audit Events page by adding /audit to then end of your EZproxy server URL. On the View Audit Events page, you can:

  • search audit files by event, IP, location, username, session, or other EZproxy config.txt directives  
  • click the date of the audit log you would like to view

If you choose to view audit events for a specific date, you will see a table similar to the following:

Date/Time Event IP Username Session Other
09:45:24 System       Startup
09:46:02 Login.Success 123.456.789.101 user1 aiwl49dkW0FhnV  
10:14:55 Login.Failure 123.123.456.456 user2    
10:15:34 Login.Success 123.123.456.456 user2 lWoDnR9mQPo9Ifj  
10:30:23 Logout   user1 aiwl49dkW0FhnV  
11:15:14 Logout   user2 lWoDnR9mQPo9Ifj  

 Note: The columns in your audit log table may vary depending upon how you have configured your audit logs to record information.

For more information, see Audit.