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Learn how to use the PidFile config.txt directive to manage the guardian process in EZproxy.

PidFile specifies a file in which EZproxy should store its process id(s).

When EZproxy starts up, the first process created is called the guardian process. The role of the guardian process is to create a second process, called the charge process, and then monitor the charge process. The charge process performs the actual processing of requests. If the guardian process detects that the charge process has frozen, the guardian process will stop the frozen charge process and then start a new charge process.

If neither the -Charge nor -Guardian options are specified, the default is -Guardian. If both -Charge and -Guardian are specified, EZproxy will store the guardian process id in the first line of the file and the charge process id in the second line of the file.

PidFile is a non-repeatable position-independent config.txt directive.


Qualifier Description
filename The name of the file in which the process id(s) should be stored.


Option Description
-Charge Store the process id of the charge process.
-Guardian Store the process id of the guardian process.


PidFile [-Charge] [-Guardian] filename


Both of these examples store the process id of only the guardian process in / var/ run/

PidFile /var/run/
PidFile -Guardian /var/run/

Store the process id of both the guardian and charge processes in / var/ run/

PidFile -Charge -Guardian /var/run/