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Choreo Insights release notes, May 2024


Release Date: May 15, 2024


This release of Choreo Insights provides a number of new features and enhancements in addition to numerous bug fixes. These features will help you manage more complex workflows, including:

  • Filtering Choreo queries by LHR location codes
  • Deleting user uploaded title lists

Many of these enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

Recommended actions

For this release, we recommend that you review the following checklists and complete the relevant tasks so that you can adjust your policies and workflows and train your staff. These checklists identify updates that we have determined as significant for most institutions. We encourage you to review all of the items in the release notes to determine whether other items might require additional action or follow up by your institution.

Follow-up actions

In an effort to keep your staff informed of new features and changes, you may also want to consider these items.


In order to make the most of the new LHR location code functionality, you and your library will want to investigate the current state of your LHR location codes and ensure they are up to date.

New features and enhancements

Querying by LHR location codes

Choreo Insights now gives you the ability to filter your Choreo Insights queries by your library's LHR location codes in WorldCat. The location is determined by 852 $b and $c in your Local Holdings Records (LHR). This new filter is available to you under the Query Filters area, allowing you to conduct analyses on specific areas of your collection. If your library doesn't have LHR location codes associated with your WorldCat records, the new filter will not appear.

lhr location code 1.png

Selecting location codes

To select specific LHR location codes for use in your Choreo Insights query you will need to select the Specific Location radio button underneath the new Local Holdings Location filter. After selecting the Specific Location button, you can then select the location codes that apply to the query you want to run using the checkboxes.

LHR location code screen 2.png

Delete user uploaded title lists

Choreo Insights now gives you the ability to delete user uploaded title lists. This change makes it easier to manage title lists uploaded by you and your library's Choreo Insights users. Title lists of the same name will now be grouped together with the most recent upload being the first entry in the list and previous upload attempts being listed below that. To delete all of the title lists of the same name you can use the delete icon associated with the primary entry. You can also delete previous upload attempts while still keeping a current copy of the list.

Delete Title List Upload.png


Bug fixes

  • A previous issue that limited the size of the comparator groups to 43 institutions has now been resolved. You are now able to build comparator groups that are larger than 43 institutions.

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