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Choreo Insights Release Notes, November 2023


Release Date: November 9, 2023


This release of Choreo Insights provides a new title list upload feature. This feature will give you the ability to manage the complex workflow of uploading custom title lists to compare against your library's collection.

This enhancement is the direct result of your feedback.

New features and enhancements

User created title list upload functionality

Choreo Insights now gives you and your library the ability to upload custom created title lists and compare them against your institution's collection. These title lists can be uploaded by anyone from your library with a Choreo Insights account. To help you save time and effort, once a list is uploaded by a user it is available to use by everyone at your library in Choreo Insights.

Title List Upload - 1.png

Prepare your list for title uploads

With this new feature, Choreo Insights will give you and your library the ability to upload user created title lists for comparison against your institution's collection. The lists you create need to be made up of OCLC Numbers, ISBNs or a mixture of the two identifiers.  Lists will need to be in a CSV file format and have a column called OCLC_NUMBER and ISBN. In Choreo Insights you can download a template that you can use to structure your lists for uploading. At the time of this release, your title lists are limited to a size of 5,000 rows. The name of your title list will need to be 50 characters or less and contain no spaces. For the purposes of naming your lists, underscores (_) will be treated as spaces in the application.

Title List Upload - 2.png

Upload your title list

You can upload your title list by either dragging and dropping into the designated area, or browsing for your file locally. Once that is complete you can click the 'Upload' button to start your upload. The upload process for your list is asynchronous, so after you click the button you can continue to run comparison queries in Choreo Insights, or log out of Choreo and come back later. Once your upload is complete you will receive an email notification to the email used for your Choreo Insights account, letting you know the status of your upload. If you need to make corrections or changes to your title list, uploading a title list with the same name as a previously uploaded list will overwrite the contents of the earlier list.

Title List Upload - 3.png

Status of your Upload

After you have uploaded your file, you can click the 'Refresh' button to pull back the status of your upload. The status of your upload will also update if you navigate away from and back to the upload area in Choreo Insights. Below are a list of statuses your uploaded title lists can take as well as an explanation of what those statuses mean.

In Progress - Choreo Insights is processing your uploaded title list.

Failure - Your upload failed. See the email notification you received for your file upload for information regarding the failure.

Contains unmatched titles - Your list has successfully uploaded; however, there are issues with one or more of the identifiers that you uploaded. You can see these issues when you download the unmatched file from the upload summary table. In this file you will see identifiers that have the following statuses:

  • No match - This means there was no match for either the OCLC number or ISBN you provided in your Title List.
  • Unmatched. X OCN Candidates: - This status is reserved for ISBNs and indicates that the ISBN you provided matches multiple OCLC numbers which OCLC gives to you. You can then modify your original list with the OCLC Number you want to use and re-upload your list.

Uploaded - All identifiers in your list have been uploaded and matched successfully.

Title List Upload - 4.png

Find your title in the comparator list drop down

Once your first file finishes uploading to Choreo Insights, you will see your list appear under the Lists drop-down under the category 'User Title Lists'.

From there you can select your lists and run your queries as you normally would, using any of the filters available in Choreo Insights.

Title List Upload - 5.png

Global Title Lists

An additional component of the Title List upload feature is the ability for OCLC staff to upload title lists that are available across all Choreo Institutions. These lists are denoted by a Globe Icon in the Lists dropdown. Please watch the OCLC community center for more information on these lists.

Known issues

  • There are no known issues at this time.

Important links

Post-release session

To help you become familiar with the new feature included in this release, the Choreo Insights product team will be walking through the feature during November office hours.  This session will be recorded and archived for future viewing on the OCLC Community Center. Please register, even if you cannot attend, to receive a link to the recorded session.

Choreo Insights release update session

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023

Time: 2:00pm EDT (UTC -4)


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