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What do the set flags process in preparation for a stocktake?

Applies to
  • Amlib Stocktake
  • Amlib Stockitems
  • Whenever any items is counted in a stocktake, the Stockitem > Item Menu > History > Stocktake gets populated with the current date
  • The Stockitem > Application > Stocktakes F7 Clear Flags will remove all of these stocktake dates, so that is a clean slate for the next stocktake
  • It makes finding the missing items easier as you will search for the items where this date is empty (null)
Additional information
  • Be careful not to run this at any time apart from setting up a new stocktake as it will clear the stocktake dates 
  • Be careful if several branches use the same database as another branch may have already started to scan their shelves for a stocktake, and you do not want to undo their hard work!
  • After setting the flags, log out of issues and then go back in. As the issues and returns are processed, they will have the stocktake dates populated in the history of the item
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