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I wish to edit an Amlib report template

Applies to
  • Amlib Reports

The easiest solution is to send the relevant report template (the xx.qrp file) to support:

  1. Access the Amlib Reports Module.
  2. From the Application > Reports menu select the relevant Reports area - for example, RepCirculation.
  3. Find the report line for the template and check the file name in the Template column - for example odlet.qrp.
  4. Go to Windows Explorer and find the actual template file in the Amlib > Reports folder. Note: this file often needs to be accessed from the Amlib Server
  5. Email OCLC Support with the file attached.
  6. Also send a Text or Word document with the changes to be made by support for you.
  7. We will edit the report and send it back to you as soon as possible.
Additional information

The Report editor used for making the changes is no longer supported by the most recent versions of Windows so sending the templates through to our Helpdesk is sometimes the only solution for you. We will edit the templates free of charge for Amlib sites with maintenance contracts.

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