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Report Designer

Learn about the data fields in Amlib OpenReports and learn how to view an existing report in Report Designer.

Report Designer enables reports to be created and later viewed via Report Viewer.


  • Entity
  • Data Fields
  • Display Fields
  • Group Fields
  • Filters
  • Order By

The Entities and subsequent Groups and Subgroups form a Hierarchy within the Report Viewer and Report Designer that can expand out or collapse as required, to find the report easily next time

Entities/ Data Fields

  • Entities contain Data Fields/Elements
  • As the Entities contain Data Fields that link to other Entities it is often possible to combine Data Fields from a variety of Entities
  • For example, for an Overdue Report it is possible to Display Data Fields from the Stockitem and Data Fields from the Borrower Entity as these are linked for the loans
  • In the same way, Reservation Reports often involve the Stockitem and Borrower entities as well as the Reservation entities
  • As Entities are selected, other Entities either stay highlighted or fade out depending on whether it is possible to link the Data Fields or not
  • Whilst it is possible to get a wide combination of Data Fields it is important to try and be logical in what is selected. Not all combinations will work together
  • Tool tips exist in the Design Area (hover over the selected Data Fields to see the Database name/table) to help you select the correct data fields for your report

There are 17 entities available within Report Designer:

Data Fields

  1. Each Entity has Data Fields used to make up the report
  2. Some of these will be code entries, some will be the description
  3. Tool tips exist in the design area (hover over the selected Data Fields to see the Database name)

View an existing report in Report Designer

  1. Access OpenReports
  2. Select Report Designer
  3. Select the Drop-down within Selected Reports
  4. Drill down or Select the + Button toggle between expand/collapse all Group names to find the report required
  5. Ticking the box will display the current Display Fields and Filters so that the Report can be Previewed using the options at the top of the Window