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Create a new report

Learn how to create a new report for OpenReports in Amlib.

Plan the Report

Think about and plan the report

  • What Data is required?
  • Is it to be a Table or a chart? Start with Table reports and experiment with charts later
  • What elements will be needed within the display? Is the report to be grouped – with a Page break or Continuous?
  • Would Portrait or Landscape be more suitable? Start with landscape and experiment later
  • Does it need scheduling?

Having some ideas of the layout will assist when using the Report Designer

Start simply and build from there

  • Start with a basic, simple report to get used to the Drag and Drop approach
  • Use the Preview to see how you are going!
  • Select Data Fields from Entities for Display and Preview to check what you have
  • You can keep coming back to refine it with Groups, Filters and Order options later

Building blocks to Design – essential steps

  1. Select New from the buttons of the Report Designer
  2. Enter the Report Title in the Edit Report Window
  3. Enter a Group to store the report and make it easier to find
  4. Open the First Entity to select the Display Fields
  5. Drag and drop the Fields to Display, Group, Filter and/or Order
  6. Enter a Filter if certain data only is required back from the database
  7. Preview to see how it looks
  8. Save the Report to make it available in Report Viewer, Report Scheduler or Report Designer

It can then be refined to suit if required