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Learn how to Login, Log out, and set users and permissions in Amlib OpenReports.

Setting Users and Permissions

OpenReports uses a valid login as found in the Amlib system – check Supervisor>LibraryMenu>UserNames for a list of valid Users within Amlib. Once logged in it is possible to set up a range of reports which are then available to other Users within Amlib, unless the “Private” setting has been used to keep them only available to a certain login.

Permissions as to whether the User can access, edit, schedule, go to Administrator is depending on the Supervisor>LibraryMenu>UserNames – Viewing Menu privileges.

  1. Access the Amlib programs and go to Supervisor/LibraryMenu/UserNames
  2. Highlight the User and press F8 Choose
  3. The User Security Window will display
  4. From the Viewing Menu select Open Reports
  5. The Button security will display which can be interpreted as follows:
  6. If the Buttons are green, the User has Access to the OpenReport functions. If the Buttons are red, they are refused the privilege
    1. Admin: Can access the Administration window
    2. Add: Can create new reports
    3. Edit: Can change existing reports
    4. Delete: Can delete existing reports
    5. Schedule: Can schedule existing reports to run at a set schedule
    6. Run: Can run reports from the Report Viewer

Login to OpenReports

  1. Login to OpenReports
  2. Enter your Amlib User Name
  3. Enter your Amlib Password
  4. Click the Log in button
  5. The Open Reports window will open with the Home and Version TABs displaying

Log out

  1. Click on the [Log out] hyperlink on the Welcome page
  2. You will be returned to the Log in page where a Log in can be done, or close the page to exit


In this reporting solution you can select and run predefined reports and you can design your own reports on the fly. Saved reports can be run once or scheduled to run at fixed dates/times

Report Viewer

View and run existing reports to a variety of formats. Because this is not available until reports are designed, the Guide begins with the Report Designer.

Report Designer

Design reports using Amlib Tables to create reports, producing results from the Database. Allows the designer to use Data Fields within Entities to select for Display Fields, Group Fields, Filters and Order sequence to design reports on the fly. This will be the first section within the Guide

Report Scheduler

Schedule reports to run at set date and time


Set up defaults to apply to OpenReports

This includes:

  • Header settings
  • Reset of session
  • Logo upload
  • SMTP settings for Email
  •  Log Levels