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How do I request a new authorization or update an existing authorization?

Applies to
  • Connexion client all versions
  • Connexion browser
  • Usage Statistics
  • FirstSearch

To add/change/delete authorizations for cataloging, fill out the OCLC Access & Authorization form. Our Order Services department will respond within two to three days.

To add/change/delete authorizations or user names for WorldShare ILL, CatExpress, or FirstSearch/Discovery, please email OCLC Order services directly. 

Fill in all the required fields in the form accurately. Billing Partner is the field primarily for third-party vendors if you are not a vendor then you can use OCLC as the billing partner. If you are changing or deleting authorizations be sure to state that in the notes. You will also have to click submit twice when filling out the form as you will get a pop-up message asking you to confirm that you want to send the form. The forms are sent directly to our Orders Department. You can contact them directly  as well.

Note: changes require an overnight process, so your changes will not take effect until the next day.

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Steps for completing the Access & Authorization form

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