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What are the steps for completing the Access and Authorization form?

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  • Access and Authorizations

User goes to this URL:  

First screen looks like this: 

Once you complete this section click on Next button to proceed. 
Three options will display at top of form that look like this: 

Click on the appropriate link to proceed. 
To illustrate I chose ‘Add New Authorization.’  However, any option can be used here.

Populate the operator name, logon greeting and password fields.  

Click on Next to proceed. 
Choose the cataloging service mode (level) and Local Holdings Maintenance level. 
If you pick cataloging service mode of Full, Local Holdings populates with same level.

 Note: For more information on cataloging authorization levels, see OCLC Cataloging Authorization Levels for Record Actions and Upgrades.


If you need to add notes you can do so in the Special Instructions section. 
Click on Next to proceed. 


A summary screen will display. If everything looks good you can click on Add Request. 
If you need to make changes, please click on edit info hyperlink. 

The final screen will have three options: 

If an additional request is needed (i.e. request more than one authorization, a delete, or change, click Add Another Request and add necessary information.

When ready to submit the order, click on Submit Order button. This is what allows the form to be sent to Order Services for processing. 
Once the form is processed user will receive notification and effective date of changes, adds or deletes. 

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