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Do browser add-ons effect WorldShare or WorldCat Discovery?

  • Website artifacts, such as text or spacing, are not loading properly
Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services
  • WorldCat Discovery

It is recommended that WorldShare, and by extension WorldCat Discovery, are used in a browser with no content-blocking browser add-ons, such as ad blockers or script blockers. These are highly likely to cause issues with WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery.

If you experience issues and do not have a content-blocking add-on installed, please disable other add-ons, as they may be interfering with WorldShare or WorldCat Discovery. Both of these system heavily rely on surfacing data from multiple databases, both content and systems driven. Anything effecting how your web browser interprets this data, such as an add-on, could cause problems.

If disabling add-ons does not resolve the issues you are seeing, please contact OCLC Support.

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