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How are languages filtered in Discovery?

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

The 008 35-37 and 041$a,b,d fields are used for indexing language. If there are multiple languages on the record then the record will show in each of the cataloged language facets. Be aware that the indicator is necessary. So, if ind1=0: $a and other subfields are indexed, but if indicator=1:  other values than $a are indexed. Additionally, 041$h  is not indexed.


008 = eng

The record will be found when the English, French or Greek language facets are selected.

041 $h ger is NOT indexed

041 $a ara   is NOT indexed because ind1 == 1

Additional information

The facet count that is being displayed in the left-hand navigation is showing the number of records that have that particular language listed in the 008 field. When you click on the facet to see those records, the count given now includes the records that have that language listed in the 041 field. So, if you select a facet that has (1) next to it, you might be given 3 records. Only one of those has the selected language in the 008 field. The other 2 have it in the 041 field. 

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