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A database I see in the Complete list of databases does not appear in the Metasearch database list, where is it?

  • You found a database listed in the  complete list of databases
  • You can't find the same database in the Metasearch Content tab of the OCLC service configuration
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery 

This is usually because the database cannot be activated as a discrete collection. To check this, bring up the Complete list of databases and find the database you want. What is the setting under "Activate as a discrete collection in OCLC Service Configuration"? If this is set to No, then the content is available through a search of without selecting that database separately. If this is set to Yes,  contact the database vendor to ask where that database should be selected for display in WorldCat Discovery.

For additional questions, contact OCLC Support with the your library symbol and the database name. 

Additional information

There is more information on the Service Configuration > Metasearch Content > Default Databases and Licensed Content > Configure Databases to search.

What is a discrete database?

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