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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the WorldCat Discovery application. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Updated:  June 10, 2019

Current Issues

Issue Details
Any search that contains a blank IIIF image will create an error for the entire search results page: "There was an error when displaying your record". We are targeting a resolution with the November 2021 WorldCat Discovery release.
Permalinks for some records fail with an error message: "There was an error when displaying your record". 

We are targeting a resolution with the November 2021 WorldCat Discovery release.

Workaround: Leverage ti= index search. 

Some KB links are not appearing for articles that are held. 

We are targeting a resolution with the November 2021 WorldCat Discovery release.


All Share emails including RABL from Discovery are being sent to a user's spam folder. 

The email is being sent to spam because the email header domain does not match the sender domain. We are targeting a resolution with the November 2021 WorldCat Discovery release. 

Workaround: Manually share the record. 

When WMS institutions have configured the "Display hold notes field on Specific Copy/Volume requests to not display on place holds" in the service configuration Place Hold/Request Item module, WorldCat Discovery does not honor the setting.

This issue is scheduled to be resolved in one of the upcoming winter WorldCat Discovery releases.

When using a search box generated by the service configuration and no results are found, some users cannot successfully select the hyperlink in the informational search bar titled "Do you want to scope up to libraries worldwide"  Workaround: There are two workarounds. If no change to the search box is desired, users can select libraries Worldwide from the facets and filters on the right side of the screen. Alternately, users can adjust the default scope of the search box to be Libraries Worldwide.
Branch holding display does not appear when search results are ungrouped

Workaround: Enable grouped display of results when searching branches.

When the filter for the grouped display of results is disabled and only a branch is selected, the “held by” statement displays information for Level 1 Library instead of the selected branch.

"Held by" statement for titles under embargo

Update: As of 12/17/19 we have resolved this issue for most types of Discovery index searches. We are continuing to work on resolving this issue for the no: index search.

In WorldCat Discovery, when an article displays a knowledge base link that has an embargo period or moving wall of coverage, links will correctly display or not display in alliance with the coverage information in your knowledge base title. However, the "Held by" statement uses different logic. It is a known issue that the statement might appear for items not yet available, including those that correctly do not surface links.
Similarly, if a journal title in your knowledge base has multiple coverage ranges with gaps in coverage, articles that surface in Discovery search results that fall within the gap of coverage will have a "Held by" statement. 

Note: For proper link display, your settings must be correct:

  • In WorldShare Collection Manager, Institution Settings > Coverage > Use Coverage to Determine Holdings should be set to Yes
  • In OCLC Service Configuration, under Default Databases and Licensed Content, Treat as held should be disabled for your selections

Fixed issues

Fixed issues - table
Issue Fix date
WMS Institutions with a single pick up location unable to submit place hold requests if the location is not enabled as default in service configuration. October 28, 2020
Removing an item from an existing course removes all titles. August 5, 2020
Editions and Formats on detailed views sort by Library and Least Recent not working correctly. June 6, 2020
Spelling suggestions temporarily disabled. March, 2020
When Level 1 Library scope and a branch scope are both selected, the “held by” statement displays Level 1 Library information rather than branch information. February 27, 2020
When the WorldCat database is saved as the only default database in the metasearch content area of Service Configuration, users are unable to use the no: index to search OCLC numbers. December 19, 2019
On the brief search results page, some branch filters initially display under the “Held by Library” filter, and then disappear. December 19, 2019
Some users are unable to save new filter controls in Service Configuration at>WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local>Settings UI. December 19, 2019
Selecting a specific database from the "Databases" facet on brief results is not currently working. July 10, 2019
Images with unsecured URLS from CONTENTdm hosted sites are not displaying in WorldCat Discovery. April 17, 2019
Subsequent ISSN or ISBN searches on the A - Z platform display previous search results. When browsing collections, journal title previews display previous collection titles. February 21, 2019
Some members have reported odd search results when querying more than one database.

January 25, 2019

The January 2019 feature other locally-held formats on search results presents some users with the error page "Oops. Something went wrong."  January 22, 2019
Intermittent issues with linking to records from within the Editions and Formats accordion on detailed views of WorldCat Discovery.

January 18, 2019

Users who have the role of WorldCat Discovery Staff may notice Editions and Formats on detailed views of WorldCat Discovery not loading when signed into WorldCat Discovery.

December 14, 2018


 Note: Bug fixes are included in release notes when they are part of a product release. To find recent bug fixes:

  1. Open a release note from 2019 Release notes.
  2. Click on Bug Fixes in the Table of contents.



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