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FirstSearch timeouts send users to an unexpected URL

  • The Done=url we have set does not seem to work at the end of a timeout session in FirstSearch
  • When a timeout occurs, It takes remote users to their proxy login page.
  • Users cannot restart their session without having the 9-digit FirstSearch authorization and password.
Applies to
  • FirstSearch

FirstSearch is having trouble parsing the currently set Done=url link value.  To fix this, use URL encoding on the 'done' link. You can use a tool like

An example URL:
Use the URL encoder tool linked above to encode the URL of the referrer page. You do not need to change any settings on the tool, including any drop-downs.
Once you have the encoded URL, go into the FirstSearch Admin settings and update the Done-url link, and try again.

Additional information

FirstSearch exit page component

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