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Odd WorldShare screen after role change


  • After making changes to a user's roles, they no longer see large swaths of the regular module, can't edit records, or see buttons they used to see.

Applies to

  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Interlibrary loan
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • WorldShare Acquisitions
  • WorldShare Analytics 
  • WorldShare License Manager 
  • WorldShare Collection Manager


Often this will happen if you have accidentally downloaded an incomplete page or a corrupt cookie. In that case, clearing your browser cache/cookies should resolve the issue.

It can also happen if you assign a role to a user that conflicts with a more powerful role they have. The following roles can limit a user's capabilities and cause conflicts for user accounts: 

Cataloging Basic 
Cataloging Simplified
Cataloging Limited
Cataloging Evaluation - This is no longer used and should never be assigned.

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Additional information

There is more information about roles that are available in Worldshare. 

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