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Currency and Locale

Learn how to set your WorldCat registry institution's currency and locale information in OCLC Service Configuration.

 Use this screen to set the currency, tax rate, and location information for your institution. To access this screen, sign in Service Configuration, open the WorldCat Registry left navigation and select Currency and Locale.

  1. On the Currency and Locale screen, fill in the fields in the order below:
    • Currency: Select the preferred currency of your institution.
    • Tax Rate: Enter the tax rate for your institution. This tax rate will be used in WMS for circulation purposes.
      • If you select to use tax on a Bill Reason, the tax rate that you enter on this screen will be used.
      • Tax will only display in WMS if Show Everywhere is selected on the UI Tax Policy screen (page under Admin/General) in the WMS Circulation module.
    • Locale Country: Select the country where your institution is located.
    • Locale Language: Select the preferred language of your institution.
    • Locale Variant: Enter your preferred vendor or browser. For example, WIN for Windows, MAC for Macintosh, and POSIX for POSIX.
  2. Click Save.