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D-VDX720-4: VDX 7.2 release notes

Release Date: June 19, 2013


Main developments behind this release:


Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

Bugs Fixed

Issue #




URL links embedded in the bibliographic record’s MARC 856 tag were generating errors when clicked on.

This has been put right.


Benefits both NRE and VDX customers

NCIP integration with SirsiDynix Symphony

When Cancelling a local hold, VDX was defaulting to cancelling an item level hold instead of a title level hold. If VDX does not receive a local identifier from the circ system it now defaults the hold type to Title Level.

Our intention is that we will always attempt to cancel a hold at the same level as that used when the hold was placed.


Benefits both NRE and VDX customers

DocFind Requester

DocFind Requester was failing to prefix a holdings location code onto call- numbers when processing non-WMS location holdings returned by the OCLC Availability Query service.