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Inform borrowing library an item will not be supplied

If you are unable to supply a requested item, you should inform the borrowing library of this. If you do not take any action, the request will expire automatically and disappear from your Lender Work Queue after a defined number of days.

Select the action Answer Nonsupply for the request, and then click the Action button.

You are presented with a screen where you can provide the reason you are unable to supply the requested item. You may also enter a note if you need to provide more information.

After you take this action, the request will move on to the next location on the borrowing library’s rota. The request will automatically complete and be removed from your work queue.

NRE/VDX can be configured to automatically search your catalog and respond with the Non Supply message if the item is not located in your catalog or if the item is located in your catalog and the availability indicates that the item is not on the shelf.