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Is there any way to have user status information auto populate based on the patron's information?

  •  It looks like the patron is still required to select their department and status for each request. Is this correct or are we missing something?
Applies to
  • Tipasa

The ability to have status auto populated was added in the October 2019 Tipasa release.

For this to work, what is configured in the patron request workform needs to match with what is in patron accounts.

  1. Compare status data from the patron accounts with status data in the patron request workform. 
  2. Verify that the data matches exactly.
    • For example: The patron accounts may have their patron types listed as things like "fac" and "staf."  However, the patron request workform status asks for the words Faculty, Staff, etc.

 3.Configure the patron request workform to match with what is in the patron accounts

Additional information

Please see our guide to how to configure the patron request workform in Tipasa.

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